Terms and Conditions

Customer Satisfaction is our Number 1 Goal!

When your package arrives, if something is wrong with it, or something is missing, please notify us within 24 hours of getting the product. Once you bring it to our attention at SAAD Meats, we will resolve your product issue with a replacement or a comp/credit on your next order.

We ship all our product in a 2-3 day time frame, and product will always come to you frozen. If product is not frozen and appears at room temperature, do not eat, discard immediately. All product must be below 41 degrees Fahrenheit, but because we use Dry Ice, the product will be below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. No returns are accepted because they are perishable temperature controlled products.

Due to our product being perishable and temperature controlled, any claim for damaged and/or missing products after 24 hours of it being delivered will not be taken into consideration, and will only be taken into consideration for replacement and credits at the discretion of the staff at SAAD Meats.


CAUTION- Dry ice temperature is -110F

Do not handle with bare hands: wear gloves to avoid contact with skin

Do no put in airtight containers or stopped bottles

Do not inhale vapors

Do not eat

Do not put in drinks

Keep out of reach of minors

We are not responsible if you get injured in any way regarding the dry ice

Shipping policy:

All orders use an insulated Styrofoam box and dry ice to keep the food safe and protected; the customer must adhere to the warning above regarding dry ice. Saad Meats usually only ships out product 2 days during the week, usually on Monday’s and Thursday’s, please allow at least 5-8 days for your delivery to reach its destination. We are not responsible for incorrect addresses; therefore you must give us accurate shipping instructions; with a phone number and email address. If you are getting the box at an apartment complex, make sure to make prior arraignments with your apartment manager, so that they can receive the package; we are not responsible if somebody steals your package.

Product out of stock

Should any of our products be out of stock, Saad has the right to refund you for that product.

Local Delivery

***All deliveries will arrive on your delivery date between 8AM-3PM, please have somebody to accept the delivery. Meat must be stored at a certain temperature, and it cannot be left on your porch in the temperature danger zone for a prolonged period of time. Saad Meats is not responsible for food spoilage if someone is not there to accept the delivery. If there is nobody to answer the door, the order will be left on the porch, please be there to accept the order, we are not responsible for any spoilage.***