About Us

Our History

In 1973, Aref Saad emigrated from Lebanon to the United States. It was several years before Saad was able to send for the rest of his family and open up his own shop. Saad’s humble beginnings landed him first in a factory, working seven days a week to provide for his family. Coming from a long line of butchers, Saad recognized the demand for quality halal meat in an area that was swiftly becoming the most highly concentrated area of Muslims outside of the Middle East. In 1976, Saad established Saad Wholesale Meats in the historic Eastern Market in Detroit. With a small loan and personal savings, Saad was finally able to start his own butcher shop. With a name like Saad, the community was already familiar with the Saad standard of quality halal meats and because of the loyal patronage, the Saad business became well known throughout greater Detroit. After much success and rapid growth, Saad purchased land surrounding Saad Wholesale Meats to expand. Now a family run business with Saad’s younger son serving as Vice President with two of his daughters employed as well, Saad Wholesale Meats is recognized as the largest halal meat provider in the Midwest. Not only does Saad Wholesale Meats serve the state of Michigan, but many customers hail from Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and as far Pennsylvania as well.